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Speaker Profile

Curt W. Coffman

“Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch”

A New York Times Bestselling Author, consultant and Executive Fellow at the Daniels School of Business (University of Denver), Curt Coffman has invested 30+ years in the science of high performance cultures.

His work launched a new era in employee and management development with First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers do Differently - one of the best selling management books of all times.

Mr. Coffman has studied hundreds of organizations and millions of employees and customers. He was formerly the Global Practice Leader for employee and customer engagement at the Gallup Organization for 22 years.

His new book (co-authored with Dr. Kathie Sorensen) Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch: The secret of extraordinary results – was just released and it too challenges us to discard several of the time worn practices that are no longer relevant.