ALM Chicago
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Speaker Profile

Elinor Slomba

Agilist & Founder, Arts Interstices

Elinor Slomba combines 20 years’ fundraising and management experience with training in ethnographic research methods and Agile project management frameworks.  Her purpose is to help organizations in the arts and start-up worlds share each other’s models and build value across domains.

Elinor is an agent who can assist artists and technologists in unlocking resources to advance their creative projects. She is certified in Agile Coaching and uses those skills along with considerable public relations acumen to help creative entrepreneurs identify and pursue their goals.

She’s a mentor for entrepreneurs who attend Startup Weekend and a Dream Coach for teens in the Future Project. Recent international speaking engagements: Agile India, TriAgile, Spark the Change, Agile Tour London, and Agile Prague.

Clients include creative entities (artists, technologists, cities, nonprofits and for-profit companies) who want to iteratively build cultures of curiosity, enthusiasm and desire to engage with strategic target groups across distance, difference and domains.  Adaptive planning with each client is highly customized, unlocking the micro-specific opportunities that live inside change and nuance.